Keeping Your Child Safe in the Online Jungle

If you have children aged 7-17 you need to know this! If you are a teacher you should know this!

I have just finished an iBook outlining a whole lot of information that all parents should know before they allow children to use the Internet and/or an iDevice! The information in the iBook outlines information that I have shared at our 'Keeping Your Child/Teen Safe in the Online Jungle' evening for parents. The evening outlines a smorgasbord of information for parents to consider if they have children with devices or who use the Internet. The book is in it's first draft so please let me know if there are improvements I could make.

The iBook is about 40megs as it includes the videos I use on the evening so I have also put up a PDF version if you just want to look at it from any device but obviously does not have all the bells and whistles of an iBook.

Please use the information to share with your community but I am happy to do the presentation, it takes two hours to complete and includes everything in the book plus a hands on workshop to get parents into the device. My contact details are in the book.

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