Transformation Begins with the Right Question

It's the questions you ask that make all the difference.

Recently I was discussing with a teacher in a secondary school about the SAMR model of technology in education and what possibilities there would be if all our students had a device such as an iPad. 

After about eight minutes of my raving she cut me short with the following comment, 'it would be no good to me because I need big computers with big screens for spreadsheets!'IMG 0681

Wow! I understood where she was coming from straight away. While I had been asking myself, 'What could we do with her syllabus if everyone had a device' she was asking herself, 'how would a device work with my syllabus?'

While some would say it would be completely suitable to use an iPad to create and analyse spreadsheets in high school accounting, I agree with her that the tool is not perfect. However this does not mean the tool could not completely transform her syllabus.

She could dump the 100 page PDF inspired workbook and copy and paste the text into an iTunesU course. The text could be supported with dozens of videos from the Internet. It could have numerous check point quizzes and questionnaires which are emailed to the her. She could reference websites showing examples and exemplars till the cows came home. The world could be her oyster if she only took the time to ask the right question!

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